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The Dawn Rose
12 June 2017 @ 07:18 pm

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The Dawn Rose
30 March 2017 @ 07:49 pm
Hello! My name is Rebekah. You have stumbled upon my creative journal, where I can just get things out! I wanted a place to be able to post my fics where they're all kept together. It only seemed natural to post up my graphics here as well.

Feel free to friend me, I'll most likely add back, because I'm easy like that. ;) I don't ever update with anything from my personal life, however. I might choose to make the occassional fandom squee-type post. But for the most part, the only updates coming from me will be any graphics I make or fics that I write. If you'd like a regular account of my daily life, you are more than welcome to friend my personal journal, teneraestnox, just be sure to tell me who you are and where you found me!

I can pretty much guarantee all my fics will be in the Harry Potter fandom. Particularly the Marauder era. If I should get so inspired as to deal with Trio era, I might. However, that's not likely. Unless I deal with the adults, but that's a very unlikely event.

As of July 2007 all high-rated fics will be friends locked. If there's an old fic you'd like to see that I've locked down, just friend me! I will friend everyone back.

My graphics tend to encompass a wide range. Most recently I have been icon-ing my favourite band members. I get on an obsessive streak, and I can't help myself, really. It's best to just get it all out in icons.

I will do everything I can to make sure I properly tag all my posts so they are easily searchable that way.

All fanfiction over 100 words will be archived under "fanfiction." All others will be under "drabbles." If I happen to post something not in any fandom, it will, unsurprisingly, go under "original." I'll let you know in the title of every post who the pairings are.

If you take any of the graphics, PLEASE comment. It makes me feel loved. Even if you stumble across it months/weeks/days later. I usually leave a comment saying "Thank you" because it really does mean quite a lot to me that you've bothered to comment.

And if you read a fic and you liked it, leave a review! Reviews are love, and generally what spurs me to write more. I'd like to note that some of my fics may contain slash. So, if that is going to bug you, I beg of you not to click the link. No one's forcing you to read it.

Thanks a Lot!

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The Dawn Rose
12 June 2016 @ 07:23 pm
Some people really don't know, so I will tell you how to credit me for icons you get from this community.

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Hope that helps

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The Dawn Rose
11 June 2016 @ 07:39 pm
So, I haven't signed up for anything, but I did shamelessly steal this prompt table from 100moods. I am so terrible, right? Anyhow, because I am a notoriously fickle writer, I just thought, hey! Having a set of prompts around might be quite nice. But I would feel awful signing up for something, because I definitely cannot churn them out, and I'd do about 10 before I lost interest... So, yeah. This is just going to be around for forever and I will slowly work my way through. =)

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The Dawn Rose
16 March 2008 @ 09:07 pm
A random set, really. =P Some of these are really crap, because I ripped the videos from youtube... but I tried!! Also, I don't think I'll post the set anywhere, so those of you on my friends list are quite lucky? :)? OR out of luck because of how bad they are... either way. :P

130 Patrick Wolf

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